Kyle and Wendy McGee are Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Directors in Youngevity. They have four children, Kaylie, Makenna, Trevor and Delaney and live in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Kyle and Wendy love this industry and look forward to helping others fulfill their personal goals and dreams!

Wendy has been a self-employed mom for the past 17 years. In 1997, when she was pregnant with her second child, Wendy left her secure job as a dental hygienist to build her own company in the hopes of also being able to stay at home with her kids. Since then, she has built multiple successful businesses and has been a self-employed mom ever since!

Kyle’s background is in sales and management, and he has worked as an entrepreneur for the past 21 years. In January of 2014, Kyle retired from his family business to join his wife full-time in Youngevity.

Meet the Team

As a couple, Kyle and Wendy work their business 24/7 around their busy lives with their children, serving in their church and being involved in their community. Their personal mission statement is "Who can we help?" and they try to build their team and business around this mission statement.

Meet some of the amazing people who have joined Kyle and Wendy on the journey to building their own businesses! Here, in this community of every-day people who share similar passions and dreams, you too can find success in building your own business with Youngevity and the McGee Dream Team!

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